Pasture Waterer

Equuspring Logo Automatic Pasture Waterer for Horses - Heated and Non-Heated

The large cone shaped molded EQUUSPRING has become the leader in function and design. Since 1984, with many improvements along the way our waterers have proven to be safe and reliable, providing everfresh water to horses. The EQUUSPRING has smooth, rounded edges and a circular design to protect livestock from the injuries common with conventional metal and concrete waterer, and the ultra smooth surface retards algae growth. No weld, no seams to break. An optional insulated EQUUSPRING, with an electric heater keeps water ice-free in subzero temperatures.

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Pasture Waterer - EQ102 Standard

Pasture Waterer Standard

Pasture Waterer - EQ202 Insulated

Pasture Waterer with Molded Insulation

Pasture Waterer - EQ302 Heated

Pasture Waterer Heated with Molded Insulation