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Equuspring™ the original name in automatic pasture waterers, now offers a stall waterer and other stable products, including a horse feeder and mounting blocks. Equuspring pasture waterers provide everfresh water from one to a herd of horses!

You will find your choice of Pasture Waterer, Stall Waterer, Horse Waterer, Animal Waterer, Livestock Waterer, Field Waterer, Automatic Waterer or Paddock water; as well as your choice of Mounting Block, Step Block and Horse Feeder to suite your needs. Please call Toll Free: 877-635-6289 to place your order. Please download our latest Equuspring Brochure

You will receive a 10% discount when you purchase 3 or more stall waterers, or 3 or more pasture waterers.

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pasture waterers ready for winter and all year round

Pasture Waterers at Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center Please click the link to see the pictures and testimonial.


Pasture Waterers for Horses

The fully automatic EQUUSPRING is a safe inexpensive way to provide fresh, clean water to horses and livestock all year around. Constructed of a durable space age plastic that won't crack or deteriorate due to severe climactic conditions or high impact, the EQUUSPRING horse pasture water will withstand all the abuse your horse can dish out.

Automatic Pasture Waterer The large cone shaped molded EQUUSPRING pasture waterer has becomethe leader in function and design.  Since 1984, with many improvements along the way, EQUUSPRING automatic pasture waterers have proven to be safe and reliable

pasture waterer heated and standard for horses

The Pasture EQUUSPRING is 53 inches in diameter at the base and 37 inches high.

The Pasture Waterer is also available in a Heated model.

Stall Waterers for Horses

  • Your choice of heated or non-heated molded high impact polyethylene for years of service. Comes with hardware to mount on pipe or flat surfaces. Water level is automatically controlled. The optional heated unit heats water via automatic 120V thermostatically controlled heater.Heated stall waterer for horses is ice-free New Hampshire Winter 2003
  • A new concept in a rugged, easy to clean, durable waterer maintains water level with a completely enclosed valve and can be mounted so water connection is out of view and reach of the horse. The bowl is extremely easy to clean and remains isolated from the water supply. There is nothing to rust or corrode and the waterer is always easy to remove and replace.
  • Stall waterer in the sun non-frozen.

Plastic Horse Hay Feeders

Sure-Feed Horse Feeder - Durable-Safe-Practical - Use in stall or on fence

  • Sure-Feed Horse Feeder
    Designed to keep hay and feed in the feeder, is able to hold more than two flakes of hay. Horses can easily reach hay. Mounts easily on wood or pipe.  It will not lose its shape or finish.  It is both sun and cold resistant, made of the the toughest material for ranch related use.

Stall waterer in the sun non-frozen.

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